Yet another Tracker Module Decoder

This is my old tracker music player ported from DOS (written in ASM) to Win32/64.

I not only ported it but also renewed and developed further a bit. Key features:

  • Playback of all the tracker module types are (supposed to be) compatible with the original tracker. I reverse engineered those trackers as carefully as possible. So, tracker modules are NOT converted into a common internal format for playback, causing feature loss because of incompatibilities between different trackers, but they are handled according to their types uniquely.

  • Full Impulse Tracker compatibility: virtual channels, filters and stereo samples are all fully supported.

  • Seeking on the timeline is exact, as if a raw WAV file were played back

  • The decoder mixer is so optimized that it only needs a 'few' CPU cycles; It ran great on my old Pentium4, and also runs great translated on a Microsoft SQ1 ARM CPU.

  • Auto-amplifying: the decoder quickly precalculates the auto volume amplifying investigating the full playback data.

  • Various levels of sample output: 8, 16, 32

  • Full tracker module information in the file info dialog, along with tracker-like playback rendering

Originally I shared it as a Winamp plugin because I didn't see the point of writing a separate player app dedicated to the decoder. Winamp was a superior platform in every aspect. Unfortunately it's discontunied for a long while but still works on a nowadays OS.